We Need Volunteers

In order to carry out our program we need the support of parent volunteers. Parents can volunteer to work in the concession stand or help out in one of several officiating roles we fill at all home games: line judge, scoreboard operator, scorebook, and libero tracker.

Volunteering saves the club money by eliminating the need to hire staff while simultaneously giving us an opportunity to raise money at games.

Five Volunteer Spots Per Player

Each family is expected to fill 5 volunteer spots per player. We are also looking for parent volunteers to fill a couple booster leadership spots: 2020 car wash coordinator (we can train you in at the event this year) and coordinator of home game promotions and fan activities. If you are interested in more information about either of these opportunities to become more involved with the booster program, please let us know.

In addition, we are looking for at least one parent from each team who will take pictures throughout the season (preferably with a real camera as opposed to phone camera) and one parent who is willing to enter scores for their team after each match which will then be posted on the website. This latter is a simple job, requiring less than 5 minutes and no technical skills. Finally, it would be helpful to identify one parent from each team who would be willing to serve as a key contact person for that team.

If you are interested in supporting your team in any of these ways, please let us know.