Welcome to the 2018 website

We have made a number of improvements to the website this year.  Here is a quick overview of some key features to help you get the most out of the season and LakerVolleyball.org.

Team Pages

Each team has a dedicated page.  The page contains a link to the next volleyball event, a link to the pictures page, an up to date roster and an overview of the schedule. Team pages can be accessed from the navigation menu at the top or the buttons at the bottom of the website pages.


Each team page has a shortcut at the top of the page to the roster and schedule.  To see a roster at any time, click on Roster on the header picture to get the roster on your phone.  Click on Schedule to see the next game and to track the team's progress over the season.


Subscribe to Laker Volleyball calendars right on your phone.  Events, games and bus schedules are posted on the calendar and will be kept current.  Want to subscribe? Go to our calendar page (https://lakervolleyball.org/calendar) for more information.

The Website Needs Photographers

Are you good with a camera?  The website needs you to upload pictures.  We'll use the pictures on the website and the end-of-year banquet slideshow.  Please take a moment to join your team's photo page (from the team page)) and request permission to submit photos today.  Send an email to swlakervb@gmail.com if you'd like to contribute photos to our program.

The Website Needs Volunteers to Enter Scores

Want to know your team's record at the end of the year?  The Laker Volleyball program needs a volunteer from each team to enter scores at the end of each game.  The process will take just a minute or two once you have the scores.  If interested, send an email to swlakervb@gmail.com and let us know you are interested.