Sophia Gingrich / Juniata Eagles

Sophia Gingrich, class of 2017, played four years of high school volleyball as a setter and received three varsity letters. During her sophomore year Sophia was named most improved and her team was conference champions. During her senior year she won the Laker Spirit Award for leadership and a positive attitude on and off the court, she was also named all-conference, all-city academic athlete, academic all-state, and received her IB diploma.

What year did you graduate from Southwest?

What position do you play?
DS. I recently switched from setting.

What school do you go to? What team do you play for?
Juniata College Eagles

What do you like about playing volleyball in college?
I have always loved the team aspect of volleyball, and that continues for me in college too. My team definitely feels like a second family because I spend so much time with them, and I love the level of support that comes with that.

What challenges do you face in being a student athlete?
As a student athlete, especially in season, sometimes it is challenging to balance everything I am interested in because most of my time is spent with volleyball. Going along with that, time management with homework and studying is important because school comes first. You are expected to never miss practice, so any “free time” during the day while you’re in season is spent doing homework so you are able to practice and get enough sleep.

Describe a "day in the life" of a college volleyball player.
I wake up in the morning for a team lift/workout, go to my classes and do homework until practice, practice for a couple hours, do more homework, and go to bed. If I’m on top of my work for the day, I’ll hang out with friends or have some actual free time after practice. I also eat lots of food throughout the day!

Do you have any advice for an aspiring college athlete?
I’m not going to lie, the transition to college athletics is hard. You need to accept that it might be difficult in the beginning, but know it will get better as you figure out how you work best. You’ll learn as you go, so just stay disciplined, especially with time management, and everything will work out.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the class of 2019?
Good luck and have fun :)

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