Lily Landis / Air Force Falcons

Lily Landis, class of 2018, was a 4 year Varsity player, earning MVP on her senior team. Other honors include All City Honoree, All Conference, top setter at the AVCA Phenom College Preparatory Program, named one of Minnesota Breakdown Sports' Top 100 Juniors (2016) and Top 75 Seniors (2017).

What year did you graduate from Southwest?

What position do you play?

What school do you go to? What team do you play for?
United States Air Force Academy / Falcons - Division 1

What do you like about playing volleyball in college?
It's a dream come true, love competing to win.

What challenges do you face in being a student athlete?
Time management and not getting sleep

Describe a "day in the life" of a college volleyball player.
Different for me since I'm at a military academy, but I wake up at 0530, go to class from 0730 to 1130, mandatory Noon meal formation, which is where the whole cadet wing marches to lunch, then practice/lift from 1400-1800 every day. Dinner then homework until eternity.

Do you have any advice for an aspiring college athlete?
Work as hard as you can every single day, every single rep you get, how hard are you willing to work to beat out the person who is currently better than you? Take the extra lifts get up early and workout make yourself better with every touch-110% 100% of the time. Be the first one in the gym and the last to leave. Being a gym rat for seven years is what got me where I am today. And play for the love of the game. Know what it means to grind and earn that spot.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the class of 2019?
Get ready to work your tail off in college, good luck ladies I love and miss you, so happy to see the players you have become! - Lil :)

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